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We Make Your Vision into Reality


Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting is the most progressive enterprise in the sign industry.

Since 1980, Offering our clients a full range of turnkey services: sign design, engineering, permit services, fabrication, installation, and sign maintenance programs.  Our dedication to excellence is recognized by our customers with whom we strive to treat as more than just business clients.  Every project is different, but we listen to the needs of our customers to craft the perfect sign to ensure their storefront gets the proper attention.

SINCE 1980

Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting was founded by Ruben Cielak as a sign repair service company. Working out of a small warehouse, Ruben grew popular around the local businesses using his resources to patrol the streets for damaged electrical signs in the area. Forty years later, Tako Tyko has evolved into the most trusted full-service, manufacturing, and installation sign company Los Angeles has.


 "To design, fabricate, and service world-class electric

signs in our customer’s image. "


Ruben Cielak

Founder of Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting

Nick Estrada

COO of Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting

Eric Cielak

National Sales Director Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting

Commitment to Service

Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting offers you, our clients a full range of turnkey services: sign design, engineering, permit services, fabrication, installation, and sign maintenance programs.  

Local and Nationwide

We service cities in and around the Los Angeles basin. We also service clients in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Attention to Detail

Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting understands that effective signage is very important to your business. Quality signs requires detailed planning from start to finish.  Whether you require a neon sign, a storefront sign, a large high rise sign, or channel letters, trust that each project will get the attention from our team of professional sign consultants and project managers.   

Quality of Work

Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting has in-house state-of-the-art sign fabricating equipment and machinery.  We have a large fleet of service vehicles operated by certified installers and experienced technicians.  Our Energy Saving Program will help you save money by retrofitting your existing sign or lighting to LED lights saving you thousands of dollars on electricity & maintenance.

Night Patrol

It doesn't stop there, our night patrol team works after hours patrolling the streets to assure that your building signs pylon signs and parking lot lights are working at 100%.  Letting these problems go unresolved can hurt your business and in some cases, become a safety hazard if not repaired timely.



Made in the U.S.A.


Located in Los Angeles, our manufacturing facility produces quality high rise signs, custom signs, neon signs, and signage for businesses nationwide, including Los Angeles, Malibu, Laguna Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, New York City.

The lights turn on, compressors start roaring, and computers awaken. Our trucks start purring, ready to roll out to get to work. Delivering new signs that are ready for install. The factory of Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting comes to life. Noises of grinding, sanding, and more metal crafting is heard, when our skilled and trained technicians are at work. Each and every project is approached with care, enthusiasm and pride. From design to install here at Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting we know what it means to execute every project with quality craftsmanship.

Our factory contains progressive manufacturing systems, state-of-the-art tooling, and high-end materials for any signage needs.

Our departments interact cohesively to create a product for any businesses marketing and branding needs. From concept to completion, our skilled team will handle your signage needs from permitting and research to fabrication and installation.

At Tako Tyko Signs & Lighting you will always discover the latest technology. Our systems include digital illustration and design; high-pressure, water-jet cutting; CAD-driven machine routing; and large-format, full color, digital display-making and more. Having all of this technology at our fingertips leaves very little that we cannot do. We welcome each of our clients to personally take time to tour our facilities. This includes you!